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Remove Browsefox

Browsefox Removal Tips

Browsefox is a yet another adware application that tries to disguise itself as a useful browser extension. The official site of the program states that it can help you save money while shopping online with the help of such features as Compare, Deals, Inline, Related, and Search. Unfortunately, that is not the main purpose of the application.

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Remove Magical Find Ads

Magical Find Ads Removal Guide

Magical Find is an ad-supported application that floods you with various advertisements labeled “Magical Find Ads”, “Powered by Magical Find”, and similar. The program may be promoted as a tool that will improve your online browsing experience, but we assure you, that is not the case.

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Remove LaSuperba Ads

LaSuperba Ads Removal Tips

LaSuperba Ads is nothing more than a suspicious adware that is not worth keeping on your computer. Its life goal is to collect as much money as possible without any concern to your needs and safety. The adware gives big promises to the users – it claims to find the best discounts and deals but, in reality, it will only attack you with useless ads that can only harm you. This application will make your browsing unbearable and dangerous.

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Remove PriCeCihop Ads

PriCeChop Ads Removal Instructions

PriCeChop Ads falls into the category of adware applications. It is designed to make your browsing experience worse. The most annoying thing is that, at first, users are convinced that this adware will do them a favor. The application promises to help people to save money by displaying ads about discounts. It is actually a lie, and you should remove PriCeChop Ads from your computer rather than using it.

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Remove Win32:MultiPlug-TP

Win32:MultiPlug-TP Removal Tips

Win32:MultiPlug-TP is a detection name used for a potentially unwanted application. Potentially unwanted programs get distributed with the help of freeware and shareware bundles. That may be the reason why you do not remember acquiring it. You will, however, notice its effects as soon as the software gets installed.

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Remove Ads by Max Adblock

Ads by Max Adblock Removal Tips

As you can guess from the title, Ads by Max Adblock is adware and it is compatible with old versions of Mozilla Firefox – particularly from 4.0 to 6. That means that you are only susceptible to this adware if you use an outdated version of this browser. Therefore, it is always better to accept the updates of your browser in order to stay safe. Max Adblock is a browser extension that hasn’t been updated for four years.

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Remove Removal Instructions appears on your screen because you have adware installed on your computer. It may be set as your home page or it could pop-up in your browsers randomly. Either way, you should keep in mind that the webpage is completely fake and it provides false data.

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Jungle Net Ads Removal

How to terminate Jungle Net Ads

Jungle Net Ads appear on your screen because you have an advertising-supported application on your computer. Jungle Net is a clone of Assist Point, Deal Keeper, Sale Charger and some other adware programs. It was created using Injekt engine. The purpose of this application is to insert advertisements into your browsers and thus reroute you to its sponsor pages.

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Remove igfxpers.exe

What is Igfxpers.exe?

Igfxpers.exe is a legitimate executable file, which gets installed as a part of Inter Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. The file is responsible for Nvidia graphics solutions configuration options. It runs on laptops by changing your screen resolution when you switch to an external monitor or a docking station. The reason we state that Igfxpers.exe can be unsafe is because its name can be used by a malicious file. The legitimate file is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. If a file with the same name appears in a different folder, you may want to check your PC for malware. In case the file is malicious, you should terminate Igfxpers.exe as soon as you can. Continue reading

Remove BabMaint.exe

What is BabMaint.exe?

BabMaint.exe, also known as asbabmaint.exe or redirect.js, is a malicious executable file. It has been linked to a number of unreliable browser extensions, most of which are classified as browser hijackers. The list includes,,, and some others. The file has also been associated with Babylon toolbars. Its size may range from 4.5KB to 117.08KB. The file has 7 known versions. It is usually stored in C:\users\user\appdata\roaming\babmaint.exe. In order to delete BabMaint.exe from your computer, you will have to properly terminate the application to which it belongs. Continue reading