Beware of Fake Walt Disney World Facebook Pages Offering Chances to Win a Free Vacation

There are plenty of scams you can encounter on Facebook. Fake pages created by cyber criminals do not differ much from the legitimate ones, which is why you should be aware of them in advance. A fake Walt Disney World Facebook page is one of the scams you may be exposed to while visiting the popular social networking site. It claims that you may win an all-paid-for Florida Disney World vacation, if you participate in the so-called lottery. A lot of users who encounter this fake offer believe it to be true, because it may have actually been a real lottery organized by Disney World at one time or another. In this case however, it is not.

Don’t click ‘like’ on this fake Disney Facebook page

It is not that difficult for cyber crooks to set up a fake Facebook page. Using a well-known name like Walt Disney World allows them to make the page popular rather quickly, especially considering the fact that the cyber criminals claim that if you like and share it, you may get a chance to visit Disney World for free. The message promoting the scam looks like this: “Good news were giving you and 50 other people a chance to win an all paid for Florida, Disney World vacation with passes to every park. Each winner will receive 4 tickets each for a date of your choice with $2,000 spending money. To enter just share & like this photo. (Comment to double your chances). Good luck, competition ends in 48 hours. Winners will be posted.”

The Fake Walt Disney Website www.disney-world-comp .com

Fake Walt Disney Website

Needless to say, there are no actual winners. The vacation offer is used to attract Facebook users and collect as many likes as possible. Once the page becomes popular, it is reused by its creators for a different purpose or sold to third parties on the underground market. The scheme of selling popular pages to the highest bidder is quite commonly used by the social networking giants. Promoting a page may sometimes be difficult, especially for smaller businesses, so buying one that is already popular may seem like a good idea. Cyber crooks are perfectly aware of that, which is why they create this type of scams. Walt Disney is not the only company that has fake pages. Scams that use the names of famous car manufacturers such as BMW, Chevrolet and more as well as fake pages of other well-known brands with too-good-to-be-true offers presented on them can also be found on Facebook.

It is important to keep an eye out for suspicious posts and ads on Facebook as well as other websites. If an offer seems suspicious, stay away from it. Although the above-described scam is harmless, you could encounter malicious viruses aimed at damaging your system or stealing your personal data. If you want to be sure that your PC stays safe and protected at all times, you should download and install a reliable anti-malware utility and keep it up-to-date.

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