How to disable or remove browser plugins and add-ons

How to disable or remove browser plug-ins and add-ons

Users are often uncertain over the possible removal options when various add-ons and plug-ins are concerned. We prepared this article to explain to you what is the best way to get rid of these two types of small applications. Add-on is a third party program or code that enriches the software by providing some additional capabilities. They are usually created for a particular browser.

Plug-in, on the other hand, is always a complete program (Flash, Java, etc.) which also extends the functionality of a software and is compatible with all main browsers. However, the separation between them is really not that important, since both plug-ins and add-ons provide some kind of missing feature to your application.

 How to remove plug-in’s or add-on’s from Mozilla Firefox

If you wish to delete plug-in or add-on from Mozilla Firefox, you will find clear instructions below. Bear in mind that in order to fully get rid of an add-on, you will also need to locate its files (on the hard drive) and remove them manually.

  • Open the Firefox menu.
  • Click Add-ons and select Plug-ins icon.
  • Search for the undesirable plug-in in the provided list.
  • Choose the unwanted plug-in and tap Disable.

 How to remove plug-in’s or add-on’s from Google Chrome

The users who want to remove an add-on from their Google Chrome should not forget that add-ons are called extensions in this browser. Also, just like in the previously mentioned instructions, you will need to locate the program’s files in you hard drive and terminate them too.

  • Go to the top right corner of your Google Chrome and click the menu icon.
  • Choose Tools and then tap Extensions (in some cases you may need to choose More Tools and then Extensions).
  • Locate the unwanted extension and choose either Disable or Uninstall.

You can delete plug-ins from Google Chrome this way:

  • In the address bar, type in about:plugins.
  • Locate the undesirable plug-in and click Disable.

 How to remove plug-in’s or add-on’s from Internet Explorer

To help the users who use Internet Explorer, we also prepared step-by-step guidelines. You will need to find the files which belong to the unwanted add-on in your hardware to fully erase it, the same way you needed to do that in the other two browsers.

  • Open the menu, choose Tools and pick Manage add-ons (in some versions you will need to click the Gear icon and tap Manage add-ons).
  • Find the add-on which you want to remove and select it.
  • Click Disable (bottom right corner of the window).

As you can see, with proper and detailed instructions, it is not difficult to remove an add-on or a plug-in. We hope that you found this article helpful and successfully removed the unwanted applications.

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