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Remove ScreenLocker Ransomware

ScreenLocker Ransomware Removal Guide

If a message warning that your computer is heavily infected with malicious software locks your screen, it is very likely that ScreenLocker Ransomware has managed to enter your system. This infection belongs to the family of Screenlockers; thus, you should not expect that it will let you use your computer freely.

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Remove FileCoder Ransomware

FileCoder Ransomware Removal Guide

FileCoder Ransomware is a harmful computer infection that is capable of encrypting your files. It slithers into your computer without your notice and starts corrupting your data right away. Once it is done, the threat shows you a message, which states that all of your important files have been encrypted and that you should open README.txt file.

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Remove METROPOLITAN POLICE Attention! Illegal activity was revealed!

METROPOLITAN POLICE Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! Removal Guide

METROPOLITAN POLICE Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! is a fake notification used by a ransomware program often referred to as Metropolitan Police Virus. This infection is a serious security problem, because it can enter your computer without your knowledge and block access to your desktop. It is similar to other ransomware such as West Yorkshire Police Virus, FBI Virus, Homeland Security Virus and others that act in the same manner.

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Remove Arma dei Carabinieri virus

Arma dei Carabinieri virus Removal Tips

Arma dei Carabinieri virus is a ransomware application aimed at Italian computer users. It belongs to Ukash family and thus is similar to such malicious programs as Polizia Di Stato Virus, Guardia Di Finanza Virus and some others. As soon as it infiltrates your PC, it blocks access to your desktop and shows you a fake notification.

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Remove West Yorkshire Police Virus

West Yorkshire Police Virus Removal Guide

West Yorkshire Police Virus is a type of malware that installs itself without the user’s consent, blocks exe files, connects to the Internet with no permission, causes system crashes and annoying Pop-up’s. Once West Yorkshire Police Virus gets to your computer’s system, the infection will lock your desktop and replace the screen with a fake notification claiming that you have committed a crime. However, we can assure you that you do not have to pay the money and should remove West Yorkshire Police Virus instead.

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Remove Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus

Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus Removal Guide

Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus is a malicious infection that spreads through the popular social networking site. You can accidentally get infected by it if you click on a corrupted link presented on your friend’s wall. It is also possible to receive the corrupted link through Facebook chat. Once you get infected, your account is used to further distribute the malware.

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Remove Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus

Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus Removal Tips

Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus is a ransomware application aimed at German computer users. The malware enters your system without your notice and restricts access to your desktop. Afterwards, it presents you with a fake warning, which claims that the reason your PC has been blocked is because you have committed a crime.

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Remove Ukash Virus

Ukash Virus Removal Tips

Ukash Virus is a name which indicates a family of very dangerous and profitable ransomware infections. All these viruses are almost identical, however their names differ from one country to another. In UK its name may be Scotland Yards Ukash Virus or Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus while in Germany it is called Die offizielle Mitteilung des Bundeskriminalamtes and Fake Federal German Police (BKA) Notice.

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Remove Dansk Rigspolitiet virus

Dansk Rigspolitiet virus Removal Guide

Dansk Rigspolitiet virus is a ransomware infection targeted at Danish computer users. The malicious program infects the computer and restricts access to the desktop. The message that appears on your screen claims to have come from Danish Police office. It states that you have committed a crime, which is why your PC has been blocked. It demands that you pay a fine in order to have the charges against you dropped.

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Remove Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt Virus

Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt Virus Removal Instructions

Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt Virus (also known as AKM virus) is a ransomware infection that mainly attacks users in Germany and most likely comes from Ukash family. The intruder locks user’s entire computer and presents a fake message in which it clams that the system contains illegal data. We urge you not to believe this message or any threat you read in it.

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