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Skype not working 2015.09.21 (09/21/2015)

Skype not working 2015.09.21

A huge number of “Skype” users around the world were surprised this morning in a bad way, as they found this program not working at all. Users from different countries were upset about “Skype” service, especially those from UK. Many of them said they were able to open the “Skype” window, but couldn’t connect to the program properly and send any messages also.

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How to disable or remove browser plugins and add-ons

How to disable or remove browser plug-ins and add-ons

Users are often uncertain over the possible removal options when various add-ons and plug-ins are concerned. We prepared this article to explain to you what is the best way to get rid of these two types of small applications. Add-on is a third party program or code that enriches the software by providing some additional capabilities. They are usually created for a particular browser. Continue reading

Remove Chrome Extension

Advertising supported applications are known as annoying and undesirable intruders which sometimes can be hard to get rid of. As you probably already guessed from the name, such programs are designed to present users with various advertisements that belong to the promoted parties. Ad-supported software earns money for every click on the sponsored ads which is why it tries to induce you to choose them by presenting you with as many advertisements as possible. Users usually find the never ending flow of pop-ups, banners, in-text ads, pop-unders, etc. highly annoying and distracting. Continue reading

Beware of Fake Walt Disney World Facebook Pages Offering Chances to Win a Free Vacation

There are plenty of scams you can encounter on Facebook. Fake pages created by cyber criminals do not differ much from the legitimate ones, which is why you should be aware of them in advance. A fake Walt Disney World Facebook page is one of the scams you may be exposed to while visiting the popular social networking site. It claims that you may win an all-paid-for Florida Disney World vacation, if you participate in the so-called lottery. A lot of users who encounter this fake offer believe it to be true, because it may have actually been a real lottery organized by Disney World at one time or another. In this case however, it is not. Continue reading

Remove Unwanted Adware from Mac

Adware application (also known as an ad-injection software) is an unwanted addition to any computer, because it can cause users a lot of problems. Though it promises to enrich your time spend browsing, in reality it achieves the exact opposite. Once it infiltrates the system, it starts displaying numerous pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, in-text ads, etc. which are almost impossible to avoid. Continue reading

Police or FBI virus from Android phone Removal

Police or FBI virus Removal from Android phone

If your Android phone has recently been blocked up and you see a message on your screen that claims to come from the authorities, it is safe to say that you have a ransomware application on your hands. The ransomware has several versions, so you could be infected with FBI Virus, Police Virus, US Department of Justice Virus or similar. These malicious programs are often customized according to the geographic location of the affected device, however, they all work in a similar manner. Continue reading

Cybersecurity in 2015 – Millions Threats Released Every Day

Cyber criminals: more tenacious than ever before

Every day more and more computers get infected with malware. Last year hackers managed to create more than 317 malicious applications. Looking at the impressive numbers, one might think that systems are attacked with perfected viruses which are impossible to stop. While in some cases this is true, cyber crooks mostly already known malicious software. That is not to say that hackers do not create new viruses. They obviously release new threats every day and are very successful in spreading their malware around. Continue reading