Police or FBI virus from Android phone Removal

Police or FBI virus Removal from Android phone

If your Android phone has recently been blocked up and you see a message on your screen that claims to come from the authorities, it is safe to say that you have a ransomware application on your hands. The ransomware has several versions, so you could be infected with FBI Virus, Police Virus, US Department of Justice Virus or similar. These malicious programs are often customized according to the geographic location of the affected device, however, they all work in a similar manner.

Police or FBI virus from Android phone

How does Police or FBI virus for Android acts?

The malware gets distributed through Trojan Koler. You can infect your device with the Trojan by visiting malicious webpages, clicking on fake ads or downloading software from unreliable sources. It may also be disguised as a software update or an email attachment. Cyber criminals use various tricks to spread such parasites as Trojan Koler, which is why it is important to be especially careful when surfing the Web.

Once the ransomware takes over your smartphone, it locks your screen and presents you with a fake alert. The alerts looks like it comes from a government facility. It accuses you of being involved in the distribution of malicious or copyrighted content and claims that this is the reason why your device has been blocked. The notification also demands that you pay a fine (usually 300 USD) using MoneyPak, PaySafeCard, Ukash or MoneyGram Xpress money transfer system.

FBI virus from Android phone

There is nothing legitimate about the message. First, law enforcement agencies do not block phones and secondly, they do not accept fines via online money transfer systems like the ones mentioned above. The alert is completely fake. It is aimed at scaring you and convincing you to make the payment. That is the last thing you should do. Your phone will not be unlocked even if you pay the so-called ransom.

Although the malware may claim that it encrypts your files, that is not the case. However, as long as the fake pop-up appears on your screen, you will not be able to use your device. That is why you have to get rid of the virus as soon as possible. We have prepared instructions for you below, however, before you move on to them, you should know that ransomware applications can just as easily infiltrate your PC, if you do not have proper online protection. Make sure that you have a reliable anti-malware utility installed on your computer and keep it up-to-date.

Remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone

Step 1: Restart your Android in Safe Mode

Android 4.1. and up

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Tap and hold “Power off”

Android Police Virus Removal

  • A dialogue “Reboot to safe Mode” will appear

Android Reboot into safe mode

  • Choose OK and wait for the device to restart in Safe Mode

Safe Mode Android Virus

Android 4.0 and lower

  • Long-press the power button and choose “Power off”
  • Press and hold the power button
  • Keep holding Volume Down while the device is starting

Step 2: Uninstall the malicious application

  • Go to Settings and click on Apps or Application manager

Restart your Android in Safe Mode

  • Locate the suspicious app (BaDoink, Video Player, Video Render, etc.)


  • Tap the unwanted app and click on the Uninstall button

ANdroid Virus Uninstall

  • Confirm your decision by choosing OK

Police Virus Android

  • Restart your Android out of Safe Mode

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