Remove FileCoder Ransomware

FileCoder Ransomware Removal Guide

FileCoder Ransomware is a harmful computer infection that is capable of encrypting your files. It slithers into your computer without your notice and starts corrupting your data right away. Once it is done, the threat shows you a message, which states that all of your important files have been encrypted and that you should open README.txt file.

This file provides you with instructions on how to pay the so-called ransom and supposedly regain access to your files. We do not wasting your money, because there is no way to be sure that the cyber criminals will actually decrypt your data. In fact, trusting them to follow through on their promises is not very smart. What you should do instead is uninstall FileCoder Ransomware right away.


How does FileCoder Ransomware work?

FileCoder Ransomware spreads with the help of spam email attachments, bundled software from unreliable sites, fake adverts and so on. It is difficult to avoid all possible ways of how malware can infect your PC, which is why having a reputable anti-malware tool installed on your computer is extremely important.

As soon as it infiltrates your system the ransomware starts encrypting your files using the XOR cipher. It mostly affects documents and pictures, however, it could also corrupt other types of files. The corrupted files usually look like this: (random symbols)=(Public key/ID).xtbl. After the encryption is complete a message in Russian and English appears on your desktop. The message tells you to open README.txt, which will explain how you can decrypt your files. In this file you will find a personal code and an email address to which you need to send it. If you do that, you will receive an email with instructions on how to transfer money to the cyber criminals. As it has already been mentioned, we do not recommend going along with that. Do not waste your money, because you will not get anything in return. Delete FileCoder Ransomware as soon as you can.

How to remove FileCoder Ransomware?

In order to eliminate FileCoder Ransomware from your computer, you need to employ a powerful anti-malware tool. Manual FileCoder Ransomware removal is not possible in this case. You can download the malware remover presented on our page and it will help you to terminate FileCoder Ransomware automatically. The security utility will scan your PC, detect all components of the harmful infection and remove FileCoder Ransomware completely. As for your encrypted files, you can download one of the decryption tools available online or restore them from backup.

Download Removal Toolto remove FileCoder Ransomware

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