Remove JS/Agent.NKW

What is JS/Agent.NKW?

JS/Agent.NKW is a Trojan horse that puts your computer in danger. It belongs to a family of Trojan horses that are named JS/Agent. There are few anti-virus programs (like MSE) that are able to detect this malicious virus so the most reliable way is doing it manually. The Trojan uses JavaScript technique that enables it to modify DNS settings. It is very difficult to remove JS/Agent.NKW because it constantly modifies itself. This Trojan makes anti-virus programs to display warnings and this is really scary for the user – the programs that are supposed to defeat the threat are helpless. JS/Agent.NKW removal is mandatory if you want to keep your computer and your information safe.

Why is JS/Agent.NKW dangerous to my computer?

JS/Agent.NKW removal should be immediate if you don’t want to cause more threat to your computer. Trojan viruses are mainly created to perform actions in your computer that you don’t approve of. JS/Agent.NKW is no exception. First of all, the Trojan will automatically start downloading many other files that will infect your system even more. Once it does that, it is very difficult to remove it because of the abundance of malware that helps it penetrate your PC. Moreover, it has the ability to delete various useful programs and change browser settings without your permission. Also, the horse makes it difficult to surf the Web because it tries redirecting you to various websites that can also be dangerous. JS/Agent.NKW Trojan can also cause system crashes thus impeding your work on the infected PC – when the computer crashes, none of the information that you are working on will be saved. Furthermore, as Trojan viruses do, JS/Agent.NKW will allow hackers to intrude your PC without your knowledge. It is really nerve-wracking to know that some virus creators can be looking at your data now, as you are working on your PC. Also, JS/Agent.NKW can collect your browsing history, passwords, e-mail addresses and other personal information. Finally, the Trojan horse will give way for other Trojan horses, viruses, worms, or malware to penetrate you system. Delete JS/Agent.NKW as soon as possible to avoid danger.

How did JS/Agent.NKW get into my PC?

Trojan horses usually sneak into your computer unnoticed. The most often way for a Trojan virus like JS/Agent.NKW is to attack the user’s computer from suspicious websites. Many people who surf the Internet can’t really differentiate between a safe and an unsafe website. That’s why hackers infiltrate various websites with viruses – a user is likely to visit them and get infected. In many cases, malicious websites are full with unsafe links and advertisements which, when pressed, may start downloading viruses and malware to your PC. If you have visited such website and downloaded the Trojan, delete JS/Agent.NKW virus as soon as possible. What is more, this virus can come when you download various installers. Our security experts warn you to be extremely careful with the content you download and the websites you visit.

How to remove JS/Agent.NKW safely?

JS/Agent.NKW removal is a tricky one. Since it is changing all the time, the anti-virus programs must change with it. That’s why before running a full-system scan you must update your anti-virus program. You can also uninstall JS/Agent.NKW manually. Remember – if you choose removing JS/Agent.NKW by yourself, you have to be sure that you know enough about computers in order not to cause even more damage.Download Removal Toolto remove JS/Agent.NKW

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