Remove Removal Guide is one of those annoying browser hijackers that changes your homepage, default search provider, and new tab according to its needs. This hijacker is also classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), which should not be installed on anybody’s computer.

So, you definitely have been infected with if you have noticed that your homepage is changed into this site without your permission. To be true, no-one would actually give a permission to this malicious site, and that’s why it tries sneaking into computers whenever it has a chance. It is able to affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox: this means that everybody should be careful. The hijacker causes many threats, so you should remove without hesitation.

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Why is dangerous?

Usually, the biggest problems with browser hijacker come from the advertisements. You see, hijackers are created and spread across the Internet so that their creators could collect revenue. The search engine will display tons of ads that, once clicked, will redirect you to websites that might not be very friendly. As we know, some of the advertisements on the Internet are legitimate, but the majority of them are potentially dangerous: they can put your PC at risk because of the malware, adware, and viruses they spread. So if you notice any pop-ups, banner ads, or random discount offers, do not hesitate and delete as soon as possible. In addition, the search engine may redirect you to dangerous websites that are full of other ads. Also, it may collect some information, like URL addresses and search history. This is done not only as a marketing strategy, but also as a mean to steal your personal info. If you think that malicious cyber criminals don’t deserve your money, uninstall at this instant.

How did get into my PC system?

Our security experts have noted that this browser hijacker is able of traveling all over the Internet bundled with free software. If you are a fan of freeware and shareware, you can be sure that Search.emaildefendsearch has used this way to trick you into installing it. It is not really advisable to use P2P sites at all because of possible infections. However, if you are still planning on using them, at least opt for Custom or Advanced installation settings in order to see all the programs that are going to be installed.

How to remove

The best and safest way of removal is using an up-to-date spyware removal tool. It will delete and will also help keeping the computer clean from malware. Even after the manual removal process, you are strongly advised to purchase a good anti-malware application to maintain the safety of your PC.

Windows XP

  • Open the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  • Select Add or Remove Programs.
  • Find the unwanted application and remove it.

Windows 7 and Vista

  • Go to Start and open Control panel.
  • Choose Programs and Features.
  • Find the unwanted program and uninstall it.

Windows 8

  • Scroll to the bottom-right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Go to Uninstall a program, find the unwanted application, and uninstall it.

lnternet Explorer

  • Press Alt+X and go to Internet options.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Click Reset.
  • Click Delete personal settings.
  • Choose Reset.

Google Chrome

  • Tap Alt+F and open Settings.
  • Click Show advanced settings.
  • Navigate to Reset settings.
  • Press reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Alt+H to open Help menu.
  • Navigate to Troubleshooting information.
  • Click Refresh Firefox.
  • Click Refresh Firefox once again.
  • Click Finish.

Download Removal Toolto remove

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