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Ukash Virus Removal Tips

Ukash Virus is a name which indicates a family of very dangerous and profitable ransomware infections. All these viruses are almost identical, however their names differ from one country to another. In UK its name may be Scotland Yards Ukash Virus or Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus while in Germany it is called Die offizielle Mitteilung des Bundeskriminalamtes and Fake Federal German Police (BKA) Notice.

Of course, in other countries (France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium) the names also reflect some local law enforcement institution. The main idea is to trick users into believing that their computer is attacked not by a virus, but blocked by a reliable agency for illegal actions. We urge you not to become its next victim and to delete Ukash Virus.


What does Ukash Virus do?

This type of infection is usually distributed via spam emails or suspicious websites. If you wish to protect your computer from similar threats in the future, you should purchase a new anti-malware or at least update the old one. Once the rogue enters your PC, it will immediately lock down the system. Afterwards, the intruder presents a message which claims that you are supposed to pay a fine (currency depends on your geographical location as well) for an illegal content found in your computer. It may also indicate that if you fail to comply within a certain amount of time, you will face further legal actions. However, the main reason this notification looks so scary is the use of a local police department name. Users often panic and pay the required amount of money. We strongly advise you not to follow their example and to remove Ukash Virus.

As you probably already realized the money needs to be transferred through Ukash system which is totally legal and trustworthy. However, in this case it indicates the suspicious nature of the message, since no known police department uses it to collect fines. Furthermore, no legal institution practices screen blocking as a way to punish criminals either. All of this clearly shows that the message was presented to you by malicious software and that you need to uninstall Ukash Virus instead of giving away your savings. Also, consider the fact that if you pay, you will be revealing your banking data to cyber crooks and that may result in further monetary losses. Uninstall Ukash Virus right now.

How to remove Ukash Virus?

Since this malicious software is quite complicated, we do not recommend manual Ukash Virus removal. Inexperienced user attempting to get rid of Ukash Virus by himself will probably do more damage than good. The much better choice would be to purchase an up-to-date malware removal software and let it erase Ukash Virus for you. However, bear in mind that only an authentic anti-malware will be able to terminate Ukash Virus and keep your PC safe in the future.

Get rid of Ukash Virus

Windows 8

  • Go to the Metro UI Start screen and press the Power Options button.
  • Simultaneously tap the Shift key and click Restart to open the Troubleshoot menu.
  • Choose Advanced options and pick Startup Settings.
  • Select Restart and click F5 to reboot the computer.
  • Download and run the installer of an automatic malware removal software.
  • Delete Ukash Virus.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Restart your PC and once the BIOS screen loads, start tapping F8 to access the Advanced
  • Boot Options menu.
  • Using arrow keys choose Safe Mode with Networking and click Enter.
  • Install an authentic anti-malware and eliminate Ukash Virus.

Windows XP

  • Restart the system and wait for the BIOS screen to finish loading.
  • Begin clicking F8 to open the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking (use the arrow keys) and tap Enter.
  • Press YES on the Windows is running in safe mode notification.
  • Download a powerful malware removal tool and erase Ukash Virus.

Download Removal Toolto remove Ukash Virus

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