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FreeMaps Toolbar Removal

What is FreeMaps Toolbar?

FreeMaps Toolbar is a yet another toolbar from Mindspark family. It was developed by Mindspark Interactive Network and is powered by Ask. The toolbar is promoted at This page states that the application can provide you with detailed maps, turn-by-turn directions, live traffic reports, best gas prices, and more. It is compatible with all popular browsers. You may find the program useful, however, you should keep in mind that it also has certain disadvantages. It changes your browser settings and it can be found bundled with malicious software. If you notice any unwanted symptoms, we suggest that you get rid of FreeMaps Toolbar without hesitation. Continue reading

Remove MyImageConverter Toolbar

What is MyImageConverter Toolbar?

MyImageConverter Toolbar is an annoying toolbar from Mindspark family. Mindspark is known for creating useless adware, and you should avoid anything, created by this company. The toolbar is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), browser hijacker, and adware. It changes your default search provider and homepage to search engine. It is really difficult to get rid of, and it is also quite dangerous because of many reasons. Continue reading

Remove Dezipper Toolbar

What is Dezipper Toolbar?

Dezipper Toolbar is an application developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. It is usually classified as a potentially unwanted or ad-supported program. The software is promoted at its official webpage, The site states that you can use the toolbar to access file compression tools. It should allow you to convert, compress and decompress files from your browser. The site also states that you need to install a supporting application in order to use the toolbar and that it comes with a convenient web search. Continue reading

Remove 100sOfRecipes Toolbar

What is 100sOfRecipes Toolbar?

100sOfRecipes Toolbar is an application that is often classified as potentially unwanted. There are a few reasons for that. The toolbar may enter your PC bundled with other freeware and it may alter your browser settings after it gets installed. The browser extension has an official site where it is promoted as an application that will provide you with free recipes, cooking tips, daily meal planner, and more. It also offers a web search, home page and default search provider. If you do not find the application to be useful, you should delete 100sOfRecipes Toolbar from your system without delay. Continue reading

Remove MyRadioAccess Toolbar

What is MyRadioAccess Toolbar?

Developed by the infamous Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc., MyRadioAccess Toolbar is categorized as a potentially unwanted application. According to the creators, this toolbar allows users to “Instantly Play the Best Music” and provides them with such quick access buttons like Listen to the Radio, Music News, Music Videos, and Play Music. Also, the users will be presented with additional search box. Furthermore, informs that upon entering your computer, the software will change your browsers’ settings. In the following report, you will learn more about this application and will find out how to terminate MyRadioAccess Toolbar. Continue reading