Uninstall 360 Total Security

What is 360 Total Security?

Developed by Qihu 360 Software Co Ltd., 360 Total Security is a malicious application that scans your computer and presents a bogus list of security problems. While it mainly targets Chinese users, it can infect computers in such countries as United States, India, and Egypt too. Also, you should bear in mind that it can infect all types of Windows Operating System. Even though it is supposed to find Trojans, viruses, and other malware, in reality it presents users with a fake list created to convince them to buy its full version. If you determined that this application is in your computer, we advise to delete 360 Total Security as soon as you can.

360 Total Security

What does 360 Total Security do?

There are many ways this intruder can enter your computer. In most cases, the rogue enters your PC via spam email attachments, fake update alerts, online scanners, malciosu links, which you can find in suspicious pages, and so on. In order to ensure that your system is not infected, we recommend to be very careful while you browse in untrustworthy websites. Stay away from various pop-ups and alerts that suggest to scan your PC or to install some application. Also, do not open emails from unknown sources, because they are often used to spread malware. If the application is already in your computer, employ a reputable anti-malware to uninstall 360 Total Security.

Once this rogue enters your computer, it will immediately perform an extensive scan which results will be filled with the names of malware infections. The scans will be performed at scheduled times, since the intruder adds this task to Windows Task Scheduler. Another thing that this application does is connect to the Internet behind your back and ensure that Windows Firewall does not block it. Furthermore, it creates a shortcut and runs an executable qhsafemain.exe in your Task Manager. On top of it all, you will be constantly presented with alerts and pop-ups which will all encourage you to buy the full version of this software in order to clean your system. We urge you not to fall for these tricks and not to buy the software. Do not forget that by purchasing the full version, you will reveal your banking information to cyber criminals which can lead to further monetary losses in the future. Instead, you should take care of 360 Total Security removal.

How to remove 360 Total Security?

Unless you are an advanced computer user, we do not recommend to attempt manual 360 Total Security removal. Inexperienced user may make mistakes and cause even more harm to the already battered system. You should employ a legitimate and powerful anti-malware and let it erase 360 Total Security for you. After such security software gets rid of 360 Total Security, it will stay in your PC to protect it from other similar threats.

Uninstall 360 Total Security

Eliminate 360 Total Security from Windows XP

  1. Restart your PC and start tapping F8 once BIOS loads up.
  2. With a help of arrow keys, click Safe Mode with Networking and tap Enter.
  3. Press Yes and download a reliable computer security software.
  4. Scan your system and terminate 360 Total Security.

Terminate 360 Total Security from Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Restart your computer and when BIOS screen disappears, rapidly click F8 many times.
  2. Go to Advanced Boot Options menu and pick Safe Mode with Networking (use arrow keys).
  3. Press Enter and install a trustworthy security application.
  4. Use the acquired anti-malware to remove 360 Total Security.

Delete 360 Total Security from Windows 8

  1. Tap the Windows key to access the Metro UI start screen.
  2. Start your preferred browser and download a powerful anti-malware.
  3. Scan your PC and get rid of 360 Total Security.

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