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Remove Heur.Worm.Generic

Heur.Worm.Generic Removal Instructions (Remove Heur.Worm.Generic)

Heur.Worm.Generic is a malicious worm that can cause serious damage to your PC. It can help other malware to corrupt or modify your files, steal your personal data, disrupt your browsing, and so on. The infection may be detected under different names such as Heur.Worm, HeurWorm, and others.

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Remove RaaS Ransomware

What is RaaS Ransomware?

RaaS Ransomware is a harmful threat that was created in order to extort money from computer users. It acts in a similar way to CryptoWall ransomware. Once it infiltrates the system, the infection encrypts your files, so you cannot access them any longer. After the encryption is complete, it demands that you pay a ransom in order to regain access to your data. Needless to say, there are no guarantees that the cyber criminals will follow through on their promises. In fact, that is not very likely, which is why we suggest that you terminate RaaS Ransomware yourself. Continue reading